The initial SBIRT training and development curriculum will be focused on the Physician Assistant (PA) project dedicated to the design and implementation of an alcohol education and SBIRT training curriculum utilizing an avatar-based virtual-world environment for the three current Missouri PA programs, the statewide PA society, Missouri Academy for Physician Assistants (MOAPA) and the Society for Physician Assistants in Pediatrics (SPAP). Partners for this project include: University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), Missouri State University (MSU), and Saint Louis University (SLU). This curriculum will be implemented within the PA programs as well as within the online continuing education programs of MOAPA and SPAP and the national AAPA as well. We expect to collect and present compelling data demonstrating an avatar-based SBIRT training impact in these settings to provide evidence for broad system changes in health policy and funding, integrating the curriculum into regional health systems, PA school education, CE training for PA practitioners in community practice, and through professional societies.

Primary contributors to the Physician Assistant SBIRT Training Curriculum include: Katharine Ervie (University of Missouri-Kansas City), Tracy Cleveland (Missouri State University), Genevieve Del Rosario (Saint Louis University), Catharine Link (University of Missouri), Debra Sprague (University of Missouri-Saint Louis), and Leigh Tenkku Lepper, PhD (University of Missouri), Principal Investigator and Director for the Physician Assistant Alcohol Education and SBIRT Training Program.