Formed in 2002, the Midwest Regional Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Training Center (MRFASTC) originally was a partnership of Saint Louis University, University of Missouri-Columbia and the St. Louis Arc. In 2012, the project moved from Saint Louis University to the University of Missouri-Columbia and our partners had grown to include: University of Arkansas Medical School, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Iowa Department of Public Health, Creighton University, Flint Hills Counseling and Consulting Services, Rutgers University, Sanford Medical School and Trinity Services, Inc. Over the 13 years of MRFASTC, we reached 22,024 physicians, students and other allied health care professionals throughout the Midwest and Northeast regions as a result of the Train the Trainer method training well over 250 MRFASTC speakers. The primary effort of the MRFASTC program was to enhance the MRFASTC presence in each MRFASTC state by working with identified state leaders, and other professional associations, organizations and individuals with interest in FASD to conduct FASD presentations and to find ways in which to connect the satellite teams to other state organizations in order to sustain the MRFASTC work beyond the life of the grant. To accomplish this goal, we created PowerPoint and online presentations of the MRFASTC Core Competencies based upon the CDC FASD Curriculum. In addition, MRFASTC created discipline-specific training modules along with an FASD Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (ICP) set of online training modules on interprofessional practice within FASD prevention. The MRFASTC work continues through the regional health providers through its promote of an online speaker program for those seeking education and training on FASD.

Primary contributors for the MRFASTC Core Competency Curriculum include the MRFASTC State Team Leaders; Susan Adubato, PhD (Rutgers University-New Jersey/Northeast Region), Ajeet Charate (Trinity Services, Inc.-Illinois), David Deere (University of Arkansas), Joy Doll (Creighton University-Nebraska), Wes Jones, PhD (Flint Hills Consulting and Counseling Center-Kansas) and Leigh Tenkku Lepper, PhD (University of Missouri), Principal Investigator and Director for the Midwest Regional FASD Training Center.