Leigh E. Tenkku Lepper, PhD, MPH

Leigh E. Tenkku Lepper, PhD, MPH

University of Missouri - Columbia

Associate Research Professor in the School of Social Work and the Master in Public Health program at the University of Missouri - Columbia

Dr. Tenkku Lepper has been involved in the field of FASD for over 14 years and managed the Midwest Regional FASD Training Center since 2008. She is PI for the national Mental and Reproductive Health FASD Practice Implementation Center (MRPIC), which seeks to provide education and training for OBGYN providers, residents and social workers on prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Dr. Tenkku Lepper is also PI for the development of an innovative curriculum focused on alcohol education and SBIRT initially for physician assistants. Her research areas are primarily focused on Maternal Child Health with special emphasis on FASD. She has authored several empirical research studies published in the literature focused on alcohol use among women populations. In addition, Dr. Tenkku Lepper is Chair of the NOFAS Affiliate Network and is President of NOFAS-Missouri and provides strategic planning and consulting for FASD development in agencies and organizations.


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